May 30, 2012

Insta Friday - Week of May 19-25

Welcome to this week's Instagram photos!
Truthfully, I'm way late posting these, but who's keeping track, right?

May 19 - 'a favorite place'
I'm pretty much in love with our Tuscan side patio.
This photo only shows about half of it.
*awwwww, it's so comfy and cozy*

This is the forecast for May 20th and 21st.

May 20th - 'something I can't live without'
The Savior
The Gospel
My Testimony
My Church
I love them all and am so blessed!!!

I bought these shoes 4 years ago, wore them a few times, 
then buried them in the back of the closet.
I know, I don't know why either!
Sooooo in love with them all over again!
{Jessica Simpson....purchased from Last Chance at a serious discount!}

Learned a trick from my Instagram friends.
We layered up the sunglasses so we could quickly peek at the solar eclipse.
Did you see it?
Super amazing!!!

A collage of solar eclipse of other Instagrammers.
I really enjoyed checking out everyone else's photos too!

May 21 - 'where I stand'
That particular day I was searching and searching 
for our lost springer spaniel and we were all pretty bummed out.
By night end we thought we'd never see her again.  :(

Boy am I glad we were wrong!
We had posted signs all over the neighborhood the day before
hoping that someone would spot Bella.
Sure enough, got a phone call at 5:45 am.
Someone had seen her running in the desert.
It took us an hour of running our butts off through
the cactus and weeds, but we finally caught up to her.

Bella slept ALL day, she was so tuckered out from being lost 
out in the desert for 24 hours {including overnight}.
Maddie was so happy to have her back!

Wondering why I'm influential in the topic of COOKIES.

If you know who this is, then you know how happy I am about
this season's American Idol!
I *heart* you Phillip Phillips!!!!!!!!!
{he was my pick from day one!}

May 22 - 'pink'
Pink collage of things in Maddie's room.
She hates pink.

May 23 - 'technology'
Um, yeah, I pretty much
All these cool Instagram photos were edited on it!

May 24th - 'something new'
Okay, so maybe I hit Target a little hard recently.
But seriously, my living room needed some updating and freshening up.
The furniture and tile are so 'heavy' in color and feel....
these goodies from Target & Home Goods were just
what that room needed!

I got too close to the Love Sac store!
{this was the most comfortable thing I've ever sat upon!!}
 I want TWO!

May 25 - 'unusual'
Yeah, it was pretty unusual to see teenage girls
behaving like human hamsters at the mall.

Free child labor!
{we found a house that we all want to buy, 
but tsk tsk, the nasty paperwork must be done first
and these tykes are motivated!}

Trace snapped his collarbone into two pieces in a basketball game on Saturday.
Poor kid!  
I will post the x-ray next won't believe it!
He's smiling because he's high on Vicodin. 
 The smile didn't last, but overall, his spirits are great
 So much for basketball and swim team this summer!

Of course, I'd love to be linking this up somewhere, but alas, it's too late!

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