Feb 8, 2012


Our Girl's Camp isn't until summer 
(that's why we call it GIRL'S SUMMER CAMP...hehe), 
but every year our {awesome} stake Young Women's leaders have a night 
several months before camp to 
  • get the girl's PSYCHED UP for this year's summer camp
  • have a reunion (complete with super-fun slide show of the previous year's camp)
  • have the 'new' girls see what it's all about 
  • announce what this year's camp theme will be
  • brush up on our camp songs
  • give our {awesome, mixed with some crazy} Priesthood leaders a chance to show off their 

*insert hip hop music here*

Can you guess what our new theme is?

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with our theme!!!

Our stake camp leaders went ALL WAY SUPER OUT to plan this Psych Night!
Owls were EVERYWHERE!  
So love everything they created!!!
(that's why I just HAD to share it)

 Can you believe these adorable cupcake toppers?

and these chinese lanterns morphed into owls are just over-the-top cool!

A few trees decorating the walls...OHMYGOSH, love the multi-colored/papered owls!

Even these paper bags made into owls were precious!

 The girls having some fun singing silly camp songs!

It's so fun to watch them!

I saved the best for last....HAHA!!!
These men are C.R.A.Z.Y. and we all love them to pieces!

Usually they're seen donning dapper suits and ties, 
but I suppose a guy's gotta wear tights when he can!  


  1. I already have a thing for owls, and that looks AWESOME!!! I should of come to psych night, looked like lots of fun. I'm so grateful for this awesome leaders esp bc I have a kid going into YW very soon!!

    1. Yes, you SHOULD have come! Psych night is seriously nuts! haha. I can't wait until Ashley comes in! She's gonna love it and we're gonna love having her there!!! We only have 3 new girls coming in this entire year, and they all turn 12 before Girl's Camp.....YAY!!!


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