Feb 1, 2012


Remember last spring, when I was going nuts with the heat and was ready to chop off  my hair?
Well, yeah, I never followed up on that cuz I chickened out!  lol

My hair grows pretty fast
so by the time I actually got around to 
and even after a few trims
it looked like this
If I tipped my head back a bit, my hair would touch the top of my bum.

I guess that means...my bum sticks out........



This was a last minute decision.
I didn't even dare make an appointment anywhere 
cuz that would give me time to chicken out again 
and cancel the appointment.
I didn't even tell Cowboy!

So I just ran into Great Clips 
and told the girl to hurry and cut if off before I changed my mind!
(yup, a $13 haircut!)
She actually asked me if I was sure.
Obviously she doesn't follow my blog.
(most people don't)

Say it with me now........

TA DA!!!!
I know, now you can actually read what's on the back of my shirt!!!
(no, my shirt is not on backwards...I swear!)

Dude, this short hair feels sooooooooo good!!!
Rockin a headband, which I wear almost every day now!
Gettin my money's worth out of all my gorgeous Whippy Cake's!
(my Blackberry takes cruddy pictures!  Good thing I just got an iPhone!!)

All curled up for church the next day

I got an unprecedented number of compliments on my hair at church!

In fact, two ladies I go to church with both chopped off their hair within a couple of days 
because I guess they figured if *I* could do it, so could *they*!  
Good for me and good for them!

After all, it's just HAIR.

Who's next???


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