Jan 27, 2012

Yes, I changed my blog design AGAIN!

If you didn't know it before, you certainly know it now.... 
When it comes to backgrounds, I have ADD!

I'm having a blog-design-identity-crisis!

I think I spend more time searching for designs than I do actually blogging.

Why can't I find something that 'fits'?

I like colorful
I like somewhat simple
I like clean
I'm not a fan of turquoise 
(although I like it on other ppl's blogs)
I wish I had saved where I got the design for the background I had a few backgrounds ago...
cuz I actually liked that one.  
Now I can't remember why I changed it from that one.

I think the one I have right now is pretty 
(pink sparkly scrapbooky), 
but it doesn't suit my blog,
or me.
In fact, I just noticed today that it cuts off half of the pictures
(which means it's outta there...like RIGHT now!)


I'm not a 'business' so I can't really justify professional design.

And does it really matter?

Apparently it does.

I want something....
a little crafty
with a lot of white
I'm a huge fan of red
but I could live with orange
I like burlap
rustic wood
old houses
big barns
my kids
and grandkids

Ummmm, therein lies my problem
I like everything

and I'm non-committal....lol

Send me design sites if you know of any good ones
(besides Cutest Blog On The Block....love them, but I've already used like four of theirs...hehe)
I'm open to suggestions....PLEASE!


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