Sep 12, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking Software GIVEAWAY!!!

I've done it!  
I have finally taken the plunge into digital scrapbooking and you know what?
I *LOVE* it!
Have you ever considered going digital too?  Then read on!

I've been a traditional scrapbooker for thirteen years 
and will adore papers and embellishments FOREVER, 
but I am also excited to introduce you to a 
new and fun alternative with My Memories Suite.

If you're like me you have thousands of photos stored on your computer 
that you plan to someday get into scrapbooks, 
but you just can't get through them fast enough.  
Well this gives us a quick alternative to get more done faster and 
new options for sharing and reprinting our pages for our family and friends.

Not only that, but 
for a free download of  My Memories Suite digital software.

The software is easy and fun to learn and use.  And if you ever need help figuring it out, you can get support from My Memories Blog plus awesome tutorials HERE and HERE!  

The software is downloadable so you can get started right away 
(even if you don't win) with a SWEET DISCOUNT!
The software comes with a gazillion digital papers and embellishments and an awesome collection of Designer Templates that you can use to design your pages YOUR way.
You can quickly 'drag and drop' your photos or even more simply 'auto fill'.  
It's amazing!

And if all of the sweet freebies that come with your software still aren't enough, you can  download even more gorgeousness at great prices for papers and embellishments that you can use over and over again.
Plus My Memories Suite is continually adding more FREE 
kits, papers & embellishments all the time.

 For my first project I wanted to FINALLY scrapbook photos of a special dinner out celebrating a friend's 50th birthday.

I turned all of this.............

...............quickly into this..................

................and this.................. 

As you can see, the software is pretty user friendly.
My Memories will print out actual books for you, or if you just want to print a few pages you can send them digitally online.  I sent mine to Costco and here are photos (of my photos) of the two complete 12 x 12 pages.  Super easy!  Super inexpensive!  Super fun!
 This is what it looked like after picking up the prints.

Sorry for the photo glare, but you can see that these pages turned out great!
And how easy to print a set for me AND a set for my friend, Paula.

Then I made a handout for my Young Women's class, 
which I printed out on my own little home printer.
  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you can add the 3D shadow effect to everything 
so it actually looks layered!!!  
Wish I had done that with Paula's pages above!

Here's my bushel of handouts to which I added real twine.  :)

You can also make greeting cards, baseball cards, 
and anything else you'd make with photos and/or papers and embellishments.

Just about any embellishment you can think of, ribbons, bows, brads, rhinestones, buttons, threads, paper clips, staples, stitching, word art, and more can be added to your projects!
You will LOVE this software too!


Here's are all the ways you can enter the drawing:

  1. Leave a comment below and tell me WHY you want to go digital with My Memories!
  2. 'Like' Jenkins Kid Farm Facebook page!
  3. 'Like' My Memories Facebook page!
  4. TWEET about this post!
Make a separate comment below for each of the ways you enter 
so that I'm sure to not miss any of your entries.

If you're NOT selected as the winner, I still have a

Use the promo code below at checkout when you PURCHASE HERE and 
save $10.00 off of the already reasonable price 
PLUS get another $10.00 off of future purchases of more digital gorgeousness!
That's a $20 discount!!!


Giveaway ends Monday, September 26, 2011, 11:59 PM.


  1. Hi Cindy! I decided a few years back (and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars later) that I HATE manual scrapbooking! I hate the cutting, the positioning, the color decisions, the gluing, the....well, pretty much everything about it--mostly because of the onset of Adult ADD--LOL! I've been thinking about digital scrapbooking after seeing so many great results. I know that if you like this product, I will love it too 'cause you're the "project" queen! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!

  2. I liked My Memories page. I don't tweet, sorry.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have been watching your blog page for a while now and love your ideas! It's so inspiring to look at what you do, it makes the wheels start turning in my head.

  5. Anyway I can get more info on "My Memories" I will greatly appreciate. Glad I got the chance to "like" their facebook page. :)

  6. I'm a scrapbooker through and through, and have been gradually turning to digital. I have another company's program, but have looked over this one and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! If I don't win, thanks for sharing "My Memories" with us. Here's hoping I will!!! *crossing fingers*

  7. I love scrapbooking! Have done 2 digital books w/ a program I am not crazy about. Would love the oppotunity to explore My Memories & get caught up on my albums. Your pgs are so cute, but they make me wish for a Melting Pot date!


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