Sep 14, 2011



My very sweet new neighbor, Bridgette graciously shared her abundance of beads with us 
for a make-whatever-you-want jewelry get-together.

I've never made chunky jewelry in my life.
In fact, I don't think I've ever made ANY kind of jewelry, that I can remember.
(I may be lying, but I'm getting old and the memory is going quickly)

These ladies are having FUN and most of us are new to the craft!

Jennifer made these gorgeous necklaces that I was very envious of!

OHMYGOSH!!!  I love all of Bridgette's goodies!!!!

Here's my darling Shelby, home from college for a minute.
(She likes making funny faces)

We are concentrating, man!

Lisa making bead decisions (it can be overwhelming!)

Jamie is making jewelry and holding a baby at the same time, which is phenomenal!

Lara showing off her new accessories.....and believe me, she's the QUEEN of accessorizing!

Here are my wonderful new baubles.  One for the temple (with a clip).  One for just showy gorgeousness!  
(I've gotten a TON of compliments on this pink & black goody already)

And here is the beautiful and talented Bridgette!
She's very good at sharing!

THANK YOU BRIDGETTE!!!!  You're SO awesome!!!!


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