Aug 30, 2011

Couture Sweet 16 Birthday Party

My first lifelong best friend is Colleen, whom I've known since the 8th grade.
We took as many classes together in jr high and high school as we possibly could,
then we talked on the phone for hours after school.
What the heck did we talk about?
I dunno.
I'm just grateful that we didn't have cell phones and texting way back then
because I'm sure we would have driven our parents even more crazy!

(right before we turned 16)
I still remember what we gave each other for our 16th birthdays.
I gave Colleen a diamond friendship knot ring
(the diamond was barely visible it was so tiny),
and Colleen gave me a car!
(a VW-bug gold charm for my then-very-cool charm necklace)
We roomed together at BYU, just like we had always talked about doing "when we grow up"!
Then somehow Colleen talked me into entering a beauty contest with her
(it actually turned out to be a lot of fun!).
(*cough* no, we didn't win)
(We seriously even accidentally chose the same dress for the pageant, and didn't realize it til the day before.  Too late to switch by then.  Thank heavens they were at least different colors!)

Awwwww man, I miss 80's hair!
And my skinny arms!


Colleen went on a mission to Holland when we turned 21
(our birthdays are less than 3 weeks apart).
We moved on and were pretty much separated for the next 26 years of our lives.

We've stayed in touch though,
especially these past 8 years since she and her family settled back here in the West.
We're still BFF's!
Cuz she's amazing!

Now this is where my story begins of Andrea, Colleen's youngest daughter.
For some reason that I can't even remember,
Andrea and I took a real liking to each other....8 years ago....when it was her 8th birthday.

Now fast forward to the here and now.

The most amazing thing has just happened!
I can still hardly believe it!
A few weeks ago Colleen, Andrea and their whole family moved to a new city.
Guess where?

Ja!  Now we finally live in the same state again!
*happy dance*

However, their kids started school the very next day,
and soon thereafter Andrea was to turn 16.
Your 16th birthday is supposed to be amazing, RIGHT?
Colleen and I had AWESOME 16th birthdays!
I remember a lot about my 16th birthday and how fun it was!
But here's Andrea in a new town not really knowing anyone and
being without her best friends that she just left behind in another state.

Colleen asked me if I'd like to help her with Andrea's 16th party.
UH, YEAH!!!!!!!

And just like everything I do,
what started out as a little thing turned out to be way too much fun.
I love that!
We wanted to make sure Andrea's party was nothing if not pretty!

She loves French Couture and Zebra stripes.
It totally worked!

Here's Andrea putting cream filling into the cupcakes.

Andrea's sister Rissa and my son Grady making and decorating cake pops.

Colleen making couture tissue paper flowers!
She's still skinny and more gorgeous than ever!  Gah!

LOVE this color scheme!

Girls, if you can't find the right tablecloth, TRY USE A ROLL OF WRAPPING PAPER!

Happy Birthday Andrea!  Sweet 16!

What a Diva!

Party City has AMAZING candies!

And here's beautiful Andrea, all ready for her party.

Now just one thing left to worry about.

Is anybody going to show up for the party?

Thankfully, LOTS and LOTS of new friends showed up!!!!!!!!
Her mother and I were hugely relieved!
I couldn't have been any happier than for Andrea to have a wonderful, beautiful  and Sweet 16!


  1. I didn't know your here in AZ too!! So Cool!! The party is amazing soooooo cute and yes a very beautiful 16 year old!!!

  2. What can I say! You are the best Lucinda Bertha Mae! I love you forever and ever! You did the sweetest thing for my sweet 16 year old! You know the saying.."If you build it, they will come!" You built the cutest birthday party ever and the kids must have sensed it cuz they came! These AZ kids are amazing! Thank you everyone for coming and most importantly..Thank you my BFF for making Andrea's birthday so memorial, she will never forget it or you! You are now her hero!


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