Nov 14, 2008

And we'll have fun fun fun til her daddy takes her T-bird awaaaay....

My 18-yr-old son, John, got free tickets to a Beach Boys concert the other day and he took ME! I know. I think it must be because he couldn't get anyone else to go with him. Or maybe cuz he knew I'D buy his food. Whatever. It was a blast!! Outdoor concert. November 8th. Short sleeves. ONLY IN ARIZONA! And for once, I KNEW MORE OF THE LYRICS THAN HE DID!!! Mwahahahahaha! (Beach Boys were the first albums I ever bought when I was in jr. high.)

(UPDATE as of 03/11/13:
This is one of my highest viewed posts of all time.  
What is driving you people to look at this?  
I went to a concert with my kid like 5 years ago, no big deal, right? ....
I just don't get it!  lol)


  1. Hi Cindy
    I can't believe how grown up John John is!
    Hey who is "Kiley's Photography"??
    There are some people that she took some pictures of that I know. The Mattinsons. I work with Connie Mattinson at the high school and Adrie and her kids Paizley and Jace are in there. Small world...

  2. Tell Joanna she lives next door to my little sister and she has totally met me before. We have a website now so we don't use the picasa anymore.

    talk to you lata chica


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