Dec 14, 2014

Twenty-One Handmade Ornaments - Annual Exchange

We've had TWO ornament exchanges this year,
so I have lots of wonderful handmade ornaments to share with you!
TWENTY-ONE, to be exact.
Ohhhh, how I love all of this year's ornaments.
Every year they get better and better!

These snowglobes were handcrafted by me.
You can find a great step-by-step HERE.
Besides the snowmen, I also made them with Santas and vintage elves.
If you live in the Phoenix area, a great place to get these little mini
figurines is Auntie Em's in Old Glendale.
I had searched high and low on Etsy and 
everyplace else on the internet, 
with no luck at all 
(unless I wanted to spend a fortune...which I did not).
Auntie Em's had a great fun selection! 

Cristy's stuffed owl
This will not get packed away.
I plan on leaving this bird out all year long!

Kathy's stuffed star made from a cut-up quilt. 
Get a load of that TINY gingerbread man cookie cutter!

Rachele's stuffed mitten.
Um, I think I just became a HUGE fan of pink in Christmas!
(sidenote:  just look at that little hand-stamped set of mittens!)

Sandy's Santa ball. 
I gasped when I first saw it!
Simple and adorable!

Tracie's Christmas-filled cone. 
That cone is about as tall as my pinky finger.
 I'm talkin tiny candy canes and ball ornament. 
I love TINY!

Rachele's fabric-wrapped candy canes.
She always adds an extra special touch with her stamping.
And you should see those sparkly stars up close!  Yummy!

Kathy's wooden spool and metal star.
I always love a bit of country in Christmas!
Again, more darling hand-stamping.

Suzi's wooden block presents.
I'm a big fan of the black and copper!
I don't think I would have ever thought to use those colors
and I love 'em!

Ann's jute-wrapped candy canes.
I love the extra special packaging too!

I made this one also, with tiny squares of fabric and about a million straight pins.

Dianna's bead-wrapped wire.
This gives me ideas!

Ann's decoupaged jute ball. 
It's a bit bigger than you might think.  And totally cool!

Cristy's handpainted Santa on Christmas tree-shaped wood.
I mean, WOW, I was blown away with the details on this.
She also painted Santa's on stockings and stars.
What an imagination!
It looks like something you would buy in a 
charming European Christmas shop, right?!

Suzi's jute-wrapped star with hanging bells.
I had to prop it up on the bag and a box just to get the whole thing in the picture.
Super cute!

Dianna's JOY blocks.
Joy in every direction!  Dude, it spins!

Tracie's wine cork.
Brilliant idea for wine corks!  
She just asked a bartender and he gave her a bunch.  
And I absolutely love the detail on my cork!

Tami's sparkly cupcake.
It looks so yummy, I wish I could eat it!

Sandy's paper-wrapped spools.
This is so stinkin fun!
I want to make something with spools now!

Shar's button covered tag.
I have a 'thing' for tags, and this is a super cute one!
Great way to use your button collection too!
WHAT?  You don't have a button collection?

This one isn't exactly an ornament, but it could be.
Shar's nativity family.
Clean and simple.
And perfect!

So now you wanna know what I did with them, right?
Since my main tree is all white, gold and silver ornaments, 
I needed a different, yet just as good of a place to put these gorgeous ornaments.

How about my 3 little alpine trees that I've had for like, 20 years?!
I've never put anything on them before,
but now I'm not sure if I ever want to take these ornaments off!

Be sure to check out my other ornament post too!

May all your Christmases be 

For more ornament inspiration,

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