Apr 5, 2013

Blizzard To Sunshine

As you can read from a previous post, these girls have been nothing but the greatest 
BFF's for the past 15 years!  
I love them dearly!  
Shelly and Janeal live in Utah, where I used to live.
We were neighbors, friends, and co-crafters for such a long time!
I love that they come to visit me here in Arizona every year!!!
This year they visited the end of March....while it was blizzarding in Utah!
We enjoyed nothing but sunshine and perfect weather while they were here!
Oh gosh, I love Arizona this time of year!

So usually the first item of biz is a mani/pedi!
The Arizona nail shops are super awesome!  I've never been this spoiled in any other state!  They offer free drinks {ahem, sodas and water} and have many extras with pedis that I've never seen anywhere else.

Pretty much the highlight of their visit was that we spent two days and one night in Rocky Point, Mexico {Puerto Penasco}.
It's a super special place full of great memories for my family, and now Janeal and Shelly love it too!  I think this is their third time there {we went last summer and two summers before that}.

It's beautiful!
The beaches are incredible!
The food is divine!
Have you ever had Mexican pastries right out of a brick oven?
Then you haven't lived!

First item of biz in Mexico is the bakery!
Hot n fresh out of the oven!
Ohmygosh, I don't have the words for how much I adore the burnt sugar empanadas!
Please bury some with me when I die.  
{Oh, and a picture of my family.}

Second item of biz....Combos Tacos!
Another HOLY COW!  
$2 for the biggest most delicious fish/shrimp/yellowpepper/Mexicancheese taco of your life!

Our condo unit this time had an excellent view of Old Port and the rocky point!

See that blue building up at the top?
That's where we had dinner {see below}.

See how happy we all are to be there!!!
{I cannot believe I just posted this picture of myself!}

The resort view from the beach.
This is Las Palomas where we often stay.
The prices are reasonable and it's easy to book {even last minute, like we did this time} through VRBO.com.  Check it out!

We're not hungry {cuz we're still stuffed with tacos and empanadas}, but let's go eat dinner anyway...
Cowboy and his harem of happy taco-pastry-beach-lovin women at Mary's!
Another thing to add to your bucket list: Mexican shrimp cocktail.  It's actually guilt free!!!

Scenes of Mexico...

 The view from the El Capitan restaurant up by the lighthouse at the rocky point.  You can see Sandy Beach across the water where the high rise resorts are {where we stayed}.

 These girls are both beautiful, inside and out!!!

The view was absolutely breathtaking!
We were surrounded on two sides with ocean!

 Soooo loved this band!

FYI: I did NOT make him do this!

With the little bit of time we had left, we crafted spring projects HERE.

What do you do with your friends when they come visit you 
or when you go visit them?

Where's your favorite place to go?

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