Apr 3, 2013

A Sparkly and Fun Easter!

First and foremost, to us Easter is a religious and family holiday.
We celebrate the Savior.
We celebrate our wonderful family.
We celebrate spring and the newness and beauty of everything around us.
I love Easter!


The kids who are still living at home are getting kind of big, so I didn't think they'd be all that into Easter morning baskets anymore, especially because some of them complain that I'm always giving them too much candy.  So I just did small simple baskets with just a little candy.

Note to self:  when they make you think they don't want all that candy, they are lying!  lol
is the phrase that had me guilt tripping all day!  

That has NEVER happened before....I usually rock the baskets.


We had lots of family over for the wonderful traditional Easter ham dinner.
Maddie and her nieces Abigail and Laney, colored lots of lovely eggs.
After dinner Maddie and Abigail hid them in the front yard where we have lots of bushes.
This is the first time Abigail has been part of the 'big kid' scene and she was loving it!



So now for the new Easter crafts this year!

If you're my Facebook friend, then you already know how many hours Rachele, Kathy, Tracie and I spent gluing these flowers onto this piece of wood.  If you're not my Facebook friend, then I'm not going to confess this publicly how long it took.  Sorry.  Just too embarrassing!  lol

But it sure did remind us of something like THIS!
I'm honestly gonna order myself one of those!

Just so ya know, I had to beg my way into this group of 'wood projects' girls!
Every holiday they were making the cutest stuff and I was dying to make them too!!!
So apparently they love me just enough to let me in the group.
Everyone contributes some part of the craft, whether cutting the wood, painting the wood, or creating the artistic design {which Rachele does with flare!}.
I had nothing to contribute cuz they'd already done it all, so I just fed them all day while we crafted.  lol

We made a set of three wooden eggs...here's the first one after finished.
Pretty cute, huh?  

Here's the base.

Egg number two.

I ripped part of the green paper cuz I'm a spaz, but repaired hid it with a strip of poms.

Here's the base of egg number two.
The other gals made flowers out of fabric, but again, I'm a spaz and couldn't figure it out, so I made mine with paper.

Egg number three.

Fun details of the little eggs actually tucked down into the grass....

...and a SPRING banner clothesline.

Here's the sparkly egg base.

All three.

...........then my Utah BFF's came to town.....
...and we got our craft on!
That's me on the left and Shelly on the right. :)

Remember back at Christmas time when I 

Well, Margie Romney-Aslett created a series for 
These are fun videos that will give you ideas galore!

We started with these fun sparkly polka-dotted eggs!
Super easy and pretty quick craft.
That's Janeal there in the middle!

Janeal and Shelly have been my good friends for many many years!
They are truly the best friends a girl could ever want!
They come visit me every year from Utah to enjoy some R and R and to play!
{post coming soon so you can see how much fun we truly have!}
This visit they literally drove through a snow storm to get here.
When they arrived I had all my doors hanging open while listening to the spring sounds of birds.
It was glorious!

What do you think about that 'junk' bow loaded with ribbons, bling and book pages?
Margie has taught me how to rock the junk-bow and it was fun to share the technique with friends!

Then we each made a grass-covered letter with the initials of our last names.

We also sewed strings of pennant shaped paper cutouts to make banners.

Maddie and I had been working for a while on a pom pom banner and finally got it finished.

So here's what it looks like all together.

Fun, springy, sparkly and handmade!

Shelly's mantel:

Janeal added her pennant banners to shelves in her living and dining rooms.  
So adorable!

I feel incredibly blessed to have friends in Arizona and still friends in Utah to craft with!

I hope and pray you all had a beautiful Easter!


  1. So much crafting and family fun! Glad I could be a part of your Easter memories - the good, the LONG and the crafty. Just glad I wasn't the one who forgot the Peeps! I would neve be able to show my face at your home again!


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