Nov 18, 2012

SodaStream by House Party {party and menu recap}

 Not too long ago Kim from A Night Owl Blog had invited me to her Keurig House Party.  
I was intrigued, so I went to check it out.
When she explained the way House Party works I was blown away.  

Word of mouth between friends and fellow bloggers is powerful stuff!
It's successful effective advertising!
And these companies are getting it for just their cost of their product.
It's super genius and I'm so excited that I was chosen to demo the SodaStream
{each product only has a limited number of applicants who are chosen to demo}

House Party is a liaison between top brand companies and folks like me 
who want to try products in-home for free and share them with my friends.

Basically, in a nutshell:
*I organize a party in my home
*I get to share the product with my friends
*I don't sell ANYTHING!  
*I just hand out a coupon or rebate form and 
it's all up to my friends if they want it or not.  
I'm not the middleman and I benefit in no way if they order or not.......
I already got all my free goodies!

Once you go to House Party's website, you choose which products you'd like to demo.
Then you wait.
You'll get an email asking you to go to their page and tell why you should be chosen to demo that particular product.
That was easy.  
SodaStream is a fun way to make your own soda at home for less money and a whole lot less waste.

I was chosen!
Once you're chosen you have to hurry and invite at least 10 friends 
on a particular date to your party.
When I say hurry, I mean like I had 30 minutes!
THAT'S the only pressure in this whole deal.  lol

Here's just some of what I got in my shipment!
I honestly couldn't believe how much was sent!
This is the SodaStream soda maker {there's a CO2 bottle hidden inside it}
and several bottles of flavors, plus 2 one-liter bottles.
Each of those small sized bottles makes 50 8-oz servings!
At $5.00 retail for each bottle, that's only $.10 per serving!!

As the party drew near I put on my favorite apron from my bestie Janeal, 
and got my bake on so we'd have some goodies to go with our homemade soda!

from I {Heart} Naptime.
Yes, they are as good as they sound!
Pulverized candy canes are inside that cream!
Most labor intensive cookie I've ever made in my life though!  lol

Also from I {Heart} Naptime.
Um, yeah, those were super good too!
My family is over the moon for them now!
In fact, my 10yo daughter couldn't believe I made 'em.
She thought I bought them at Costco!
{we think highly of Costco muffins!!}
They were easy to make!  Big plus!

Fruit Platter with Lemon Fruit Dip
from Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

from Cookies and Cups
Oh yum!  It turned out just like I thought it should!

We also enjoyed chicken salad croissants made with
 the cranberry pecan chicken salad from Costco.
Um, well, the croissants were from Costco too.  :)
Super good and super quick and easy to put together!

That's it!
A much smaller and simpler menu than the last party!
Although my friends are still talking about how much they loved the Pumpkin Lasagna!

So, shall we get back to WHY I was having a party in the first place???
{I always get so easily distracted when we start discussing the food!}

{you know how sometimes you say something, 
thinking it's funny in the moment, then later you're thinking, 
I just deleted a large paragraph that was 
just. like. that!  
Good save, Cindy!!!}

I cleared out the breakfast area to make plenty of party space

Set up our soda station

Each of those little packets in the basket
one capful of the jugs
makes a full liter of soda!

Everything on this counter space except the phone, 
a couple decorations and the gift bags are from SodaStream!

Fun fun!

Pens that double as a tube of bubbles.

{dude, they sent popcorn!!!}

SodaStream calls these coasters.
I call them frisbees!

Notepads, napkins, magnets and balloons!
My gosh, it's not a birthday party!

My friend Kathy and I made these and they were left over from a big event we helped planned several months ago.  So perfect for my party attenders to carry all their new SodaStream goodies home in!

Really, all I did was let the ladies choose the flavors of soda they wanted to make, 
demo'd the machine,  
let them drink themselves into a burpfest, 
pointed them to the food table, 
and offered them a $20 rebate if they choose to go to any store and buy their own soda maker.

Here's most of who attended.
{back row} 
Hillari, Bridgette, Erin {sorry we got you w/ your eyes closed!}, me, Suzi, Connie,
{front row}
Lexi, Heather, Jen, and Ann!

Every one of these ladies is so awesome!

Okay, so here are the flavors we tried:
Root Beer
Cola Free (Coke Zero)
Diet Dr. Pete (Diet Dr. Pepper)
Dr. Pete (Dr. Pepper)
Diet Pink Grapefruit
Cranberry Raspberry
Country Time Lemonade
Diet Gingerale
Fountain Mist (Mountain Dew)

Would have liked to try more, but Holy Cow, how much soda can you drink in one sitting??

Which do you think your favorite would be?

Almost all of us agreed that the Diet Pink Grapefruit is spectacular and doesn't even taste like diet.
Least favorite, root beer, although it honestly wasn't bad.  
I think it's probably because there are so many different types of root beer that are so unique.  
You know what I mean?  :)

Oh, and the diets do not contain aspartame, but instead are made with Splenda!
That's very good news!!!

In addition to the soda flavors, SodaStream also has flavored waters called 
MyWater Flavor Essence, lighter and less syrupy.
A line of Crystal Light. Yum, can't wait to try those!
And Sparkling Naturals.  Those look delish too!

Check out the complete list HERE!

Sooooooo cool!!!!

The ladies were really excited about the machine too!  
One gal drove many many miles just to come try this thing out!  
Most of the ladies really did want a rebate voucher 
because they wanted to buy one for themselves or for Christmas gifts.  
I'm happy they liked it as much as I did!

What the heck?  We were so busy enjoying the soda that I didn't take a single photo of anyone actually drinking the soda!  Ugh.  I hate it when I do that {regularly}.  I swear they all were chugging it!

SodaStream sent me a TON of rebate offers, 
so even after giving out several of them, 
I still have some left!  
So here's the deal, if you would like to have a $20 rebate offer, 
just email me with your name and address, and I will mail you one.  
Free postage!
These are only good until December 31, 2012, so don't miss out.
I've seen the SodaStream maker for as little as $79.99 
at Target and Walmart, so after using your voucher, 
you can have it for only $59.99!  
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that includes a whole starter kit 
{liter bottle and soda flavors}.  
You can check it out for sure in the stores.

Set the bubbles free!!!

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  1. What an awesome party!! I would have loved to host this one! So fun.
    Thanks so much for linking up at Artsy Corner. Hope to see you again this week! :)


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