May 6, 2011

Morgan's Shadowbox

There is a wonderfully talented and beautiful girl in my church 
who will very shortly be graduating from high school and moving away.  
As Young Women leaders we wanted to have a special gift for her to remind her 
of how much we love her and how much we'll miss her.  
I promptly volunteered to create something special for her.  

I'm pretty sure she'll like it!  :)

 I used my new Silhouette that I won at Creative Estates Conference to create some of these letters.  
Others were made of wood, buttons, etc.

 I popped everything up as much as possible to add lots of depth to all of the elements.

 I had a blast combining lots of great embellishments and various textures!

 These message coins popped up on bottle caps is my very favorite part of the whole project!

 I was a little nervous to experiment with ink pads on these cream colored paper flowers, 
but once I dyed the first petal I was a believer!  
Morgan's favorite color is green 
and this was a versatile way to add the color she'll love.

Morgan hasn't seen it yet, 
but the girls who got a sneak-peek said they hope to get one when they graduate!   

All the best to you, Morgan!!!!

I love you, Hobby Lobby!  ;)
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