Apr 19, 2011

Creative Estates - The Airport Experience

First off, I have to say that as excited as I was to attend Creative Estates, I was also a bit nervous because the only person I really knew beforehand was my roomie Rachele, whom I've known for a while now.

That changed QUICKLY.........

cuz there's this gal named Stephanie whom I'd never met but had adoringly stalked followed on Twitter for the past year (cuz she is utterly hilarious!) who contacted me and asked if I could help by picking someone up from the airport.

Well sure!  I'm driving right past there anyway, right?!

So I'll give you the shortest a shorter version: 
The Cowboy and I took one......um, well, maybe two vehicles to the airport
(cuz we know how girls like to carry a lot of luggage)
and ended up happily chauffeuring SEVEN GREAT NEW FRIENDS to Creative Estates! 

First there was the adorable Heather, who also had the most rad biz cards, complete with a pair of rose earrings attached.....SA-WEET!  Isn't she lovely?!

Honestly, I can't even remember the order of who jumped in my car next, but let me just say that
(you girls seriously need to plan ahead next time y'all show up in Phoenix at the same time 
and pick airlines that arrive at the same terminal...hehe...j/k)

We circled the airport numerous times, made a security guy in a truck WAY MAD,
probably made everyone car sick, and almost ran over some toes.

Hmmmm, well a big WHATEVER to the grumpy security guy!  YOUR bad!  lol

All the girls were excited to be in Phoenix, I was excited to meet them and the vehicles quickly filled with chatter and laughter.

Here are my other new fantastic friends:

I had already adored her blog and was in awe of her organized Creative Estates wardrobe!

Lori and Anna whom I am SO glad I met!  I cannot even tell you how super sweet these two ladies are.

Ilene who is just too peppy and fun for words!

Moriah, one of the most gorgeous pregnant ladies I've ever seen!

(photo courtesy of Much Love-illy)

Tara, who treated me to one of her fantastic designs, just for giving her a ride! 

(photo courtesy of TaraDaraMadeIt)

So that was just the beginning of what became an incredible weekend!

I'm a firm believer that life gives us lessons everyday on how awesome friendships can be and how easy they are to find when you're willing to put forth a little bit of love and effort.  I'm grateful (and probably many times unaware) of the things that others do for me.

(and girls, you ever need another ride...I'm there...I don't care what airline you're on!)

Pay it forward!

More to come on Creative Estates....


  1. you were amazing to us! i still can't thank you enough for picking us up!!! it gave us a chance to meet you too which was awesome.

    such a fun post :)

  2. You rock! I wish we all lived closer. :( boo. More excuse to travel, I guess.

  3. Thank you again for saving all of us! You were so sweet (as well as your hubs) to take all the time out of your day to come and get us. I'm so blessed to have met you and had the chance to chit chat for a bit on the car ride to the hotel :)

  4. Cindy, you are such a sweetheart! (And the Cowboy too!) You are both so kind, and i loved meeting you! Thank you for being sweet enough to drive all over that giant airport to pick all of us, and out luggage up!


  5. You and Tom are too kind. Thanks for picking us up at the airport. I am so happy to have met you, Tom, and Rachele. You are right, women do have a lot of luggage so happy you planned that so well!

  6. The extra vehicle was all Tom's idea! And it just couldn't have worked out any better than for me to hold y'all hostage.

  7. awww what a great post!! so sad i didn't ride in the airport van with you but glad you did with soo many fun girls! :)

  8. It pretty much made my whole weekend to meet you. You are such a breath of fresh air. So sweet and gorgeous and vibrant. And willing to help a virtual stranger pick up 4million people from the airport. I extra heart you.


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