May 10, 2014

Party In A Jar - A Fun Project Book For Everyone!

We've had a blast celebrating the release of my friend Vanessa's new book......

I have two words:



I adooooore me some jars!!!

It's all in the packaging, baby, 
and this book is full of fun projects 
IN the jars and 
special packaging on the OUTSIDE of jars!

Children's party photos by Jen Roberts Photography

About the Author: Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola spreads her love of glitter and hot glue through her blog,, and is passionate about upcycling through crafting. Vanessa lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, Rich, and their two children. She has a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and has experienced the therapeutic value of creativity firsthand.
Check out her blog!  She's super crafty!!

A little about Party in a Jar: Party in a Jar features sixteen kid-friendly craft projects that not only provide entertainment for pint-sized partygoers but also function as takehome party favors! From edible dino terrariums to holiday-themed gifts and centerpieces, these upcycled jar crafts are earth-friendly and sure to be the hit of your next get-together. Learn more at 

Soooooo, after making a great project myself at Vanessa's,
I brought home a copy of this fun book and 
let my 11 yo daughter (who looooooves to craft) 
choose which project she'd like to make first.
She had a hard time deciding because she liked so many,
but she decided to start with Monster Slime Jars
so she'd have birthday gifts for some of her nieces and nephews.  
How much will they love this Monster Slime in an awesomely scary jar???
The recipes are in the book too!

Plus, very soon Maddie will be making a Father's Day gift from Party In A Jar!
Can you guess which one?  It's on this post somewhere.  ;)

So now you want one, right?!

Order yours here:
   Amazon  or  Gibbs Smith
Want your copy signed???
Vanessa will be sending out signed (super cute mason jar) bookplates to stick inside the books by request. To request a bookplate, email with the subject line BOOKPLATE. She'll need proof of purchase (Amazon order screen shot, photo of receipt, etc.) and a shipping address.  That's it!

Here I am enjoying a red carpet moment with Vanessa (turquoise dress), along with
Kara from Mine For The Making (flower in her hair)
and Tara and Devin from Salt and Pepper Moms (far left and far right).

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  1. Great job Maddie!! Thank you for the sweet review friend!


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