Nov 6, 2012


This was my first attempt at Subway art, and I've gotta say, 
I was surprised that it was so easy peasy!

I had ordered the vinyl {inexpensively} came with lots of words, leaves, pumpkins, etc.
You can also easily cut out your own if you have a Silhouette machine.
Be sure to use a variety of colors and fonts.

Cut out all the words and pictures that you think you might use
and just move them around until you get them to fit.
Squeeze in as much as you can!

I found the frame for $1 at a yard sale, 
but needed something behind the glass to adhere the vinyl lettering to,
so here's my little trick.
What you are seeing above is a regular 8 1/2 x 11 page protector 
with an {autumnish yellow} piece of paper slid into it, 
then white strips of paper positioned and taped around the outside edges to appear as a matte.
{am I using the right form of matte/mat?  I have no idea}

After you get your vinyl words and images exactly where you want them, tape them down to the page protector so that they stay put until you get them permanently adhered.
Peel and stick them one by one.


I was super happy with how it turned out, 
and as much as I wanted to keep it, 
from the beginning it was always meant as a gift,

So I put a bow on it!  :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

{ it's time to make another for myself!}

inspiration from:
Finding Time To Create

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