Mar 27, 2011

Maddie's 8th Birthday Party

Our sweet little guest of honor.
This was my one last chance to throw a princess party (she's almost too old for so much fuss) and it was the most planning fun I've had in a LONG time!

This party was from a few months back. Since then I've learned so much more and would have done a few things differently if I'd only known (why didn't y'all tell me sooner???) like design, photography, party favors, etc. But I also did a lot of things right AND the girls had a blast! So it all shakes out, right?

Our welcoming sentry's (brothers) checking everyone in on the guest list.  THEIR idea to wear suit jackets & ties with their t-shirts and gym shorts.  Haha!  I *LOVE* it!

Each guest must make a wish and throw a penny in the well (chest).

No one enters until they've been dubbed a prince or princess! (REAL sword!).

Maybe a lil sword action on the side  :D
(that's another son dressed as a whomeve-it-is that handles the sword).

Once you're dubbed, you get ADORNED! (Dang I wish I had a close-up of how cute these crowns were...they were feathered, like the boas AND jeweled.  Cutest dollar store crowns I ever did see! Hehe)

NOW you're royalty!

The girls embellished crown door hangers and foam picture frames with lots of glitter & jewels, with the help of our older daughter.  A picture of each child was taken while they sat in the throne and later put in the frames they made. 

My daughter-in-law helped the girls make flower hair clips.  

GAMES GAMES GAMES.....and my favorite was the dress-up relay.  So hilarious!

 A table fit for a prince and princesses!
(this is the best pic I have of the food over on the sideboard???  NOOOOOO!!!)
**forehead slap**
(trust me, it was beautiful)

 Chocolate roses (for Belle) made by yours truly.

Cream-filled cupcakes.........sooooo yum!

My lighting-camera-skills needs some work.  :)

 The royalty are ready to eat!

And it's not a decent Arizona party if it doesn't end in the pool.  ;)

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