Nov 6, 2008

100 favorites

100 favorites and/or things that make me happy
(only #'s 1 and 2 are in order)
1. Tom (I could just put him on this list 100 times and feel like it's complete!)

2. And the other 6 awesome people who live under this roof, ie: John, Shelby, Grady, Trace, Regan, and Maddie.
3. Evenings where all 8 of us are hangin in the kitchen, family room, dining room doing homework, cooking, watching TV, or whatever, but just all hangin happily together on a regular night.
4. Doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku with Tom. We’re such a team! Hehe
5. Paper craft classes at Rachele’s house!
6. Listening to the music on Tara J’s blog!
7. Very cold Diet Coke
8. MandM’s and other divine chocolate treats
9. Looking at our wedding pictures. That was one of the happiest days of my life……..and every day since then has gotten progressively better.
10. My two sisters, Connie and Debbie. They’re the best!
11. My three {nowEIGHT} grandkids. They are so completely gorgeous!!!
12. When my loved ones are happy too.
13. My five completely amazing step-kids and their spouses! I lucked out big time!
14. When Tom looks at me in that way that lets me know that I am so loved!
15. Seeing the Sun Devils football team win. Ok, it’s been a while, so maybe just watching them play will have to be good enough.
16. Watching the last 50 laps of NASCAR…….especially when one of our favorite drivers wins and watching the ‘bad’ guys wipe out.
17. A spotless house. It happens once a month and only lasts for about 4 hours.
18. The Mayan Palace in Penasco
19. My lovely house
20. Hand-written notes received in the mail from loved ones
21. The fireplace on cold mornings
22. Jane Austin. I could marathon her movies all day long!
23. Texting!
24. Homemade dinner @ the table
25. Mexican food! (yeah, eating out is good too)
26. The feel and scent of Maddie’s hair
27. When my kids get good grades!
28. Those rare days when I just know I look good. ;)
29. Make-up! Without it #28 wouldn’t be possible!
30. Whole almonds from Costco
31. Crossing things off of a "to do" list. I am a list maker (I stole this from Tara…it’s too true!)
32. Family gatherings
33. Having really good family portraits
34. Hawaii (with Tom!)
35. Watching Tom parent my children so well!
36. Those rare flirty texts from Tom
37. Having a skinny ladies know what I'm talking about! (stole this one too…hehe)
38. Snorkeling in the warm ocean
39. A delicious picnic on a delicious day!
40. Parties with my girlfriends!
41. When my friends and family send me pictures of their little kids. Ohmigosh! Little ones are the cutest things on this planet!
42. Winning grand prize when playing Bunco!
43. When I say something funny and make someone laugh. Generally what happens is that I’m the only one that thinks I’m funny…hehe
44. When the kids happily help unload the groceries from the car.
45. Evenings where we don’t have anyplace scheduled at all. I’m a home-body @ heart.
46. Hair products! I’m such a frizz-ball without them.
47. A real massage……..only have had two so far……Oh Wow!
48. When the printer works!
49. Facebook
50. Blogspot…I’m going to make it one of my regularly visited places.
51. Monday mornings….you know what I’m talkin’ about!
52. Arizona winters!
53. When I have my own car in the driveway....I can’t even remember the last time.
54. Showers! Ahhhh, aren’t they just the best?!
55. That Tom is so dang good looking!!!
56. Laughing so hard that I have tears in my eyes!
57. When EVERYONE is having fun!
58. When Chris & Brooke and their adorable children come over for a BBQ!
58. When Whitney and Devin show up too!!
59. When Shelby Wows me again and again with her art, singing, performing, etc. She’s amazing!
60. When I sense that my kids actually like me….hehe
61. The amazingly good health that I enjoy.
62. When something has been broken for a long time and then you finally get it fixed. That is the best feeling!
63. All the contacts in my cell phone.
64. Photographs! How’d people survive without ‘em?
65. Curling up on the bed with freshly bathed kids and watching a movie.
66. Family prayer and scriptures! I love this time together in the mornings!
67. Worshipping together as a family on Sundays too.
68. Shade!
69. The memories of going to Hawaii with Janeal & Kenny this summer. That was a dream realized!
70. When the pants are getting a little looser!
71. Rachele and Char when they get going. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long!
72. Clean sheets!!!
73. Christmas morning………
74. Allergy meds! Gah! What’s with the allergies, AZ?
75. Thanksgiving dinner outside by the pool!
76. The alarm clock on my cell phone so that I can actually choose the pleasant tone I would like to be awakened with in the morning.
77. Novels!
78. Edward! (how could I mention novels and not mention Edward?)
79. Movie popcorn!
80. Raul and Theressa!!
81. Perfume…..the good stuff!
82. Cookies! Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t be happy about those.
83. The views from my house
84. The smell of little babies
85. My fabulous-forever-til-I-die Utah friends!
86. And all my wonderful new Arizona friends!
87. The way Tom eats!!! And eats!!! And eats!!!
88. And the way he appreciates the way I cook!
89. DVD’s
90. DVR! Watching TV any other way anymore is just annoying.
91. Having such brilliant kids is a wonderful thing! I guess being a proud mom makes me happy!
92. Having wild hair. I know. I’ve finally learned to be glad about it.
93. Whole seasons of TV shows on DVD. That’s different than just plain ol’ DVD’s.
94. That Tom is so funny! He makes me laugh!!
95. Peanut butter………on anything!
96. Disneyland!
97. Reading my friends favorite 100’s lists!
98. Did I actually wait until now to mention COMPUTERS?
99. Pretty stationary!
100. Knowing that I will be with the man that I love more than I can even express until much later than the day I die. I’m the happiest person I know!
Maybe I’ll think of 100 more tomorrow………….. ;)


  1. You are still sooo incredible Cindy Lou!!! Enjoyed reading your top 100 list. I am thrilled you are happy. You deserve every bit of this happiness.
    Love you!!!
    Check out my grandbaby on my son and daughter-in-law's
    They are in China teaching English for the next 5 months.
    Take care!!

    Take care

  2. It was fun reading your list, and the picture of you and Tom is gorgeous!


    i love ya, girl, but you never change. Which is probably good, huh?

  4. You won't recognize my Google account name, so I need to tell you it's me! Just Beautiful Kim from Linkup! (Which is a sad and lame place lately. You aren't missing ANYTHING. The good ol' days are gone.)

    Cindy, I can't tell you how happy I am that you are so happy. You surely have been richly blessed, and my gads, girl, you're just flippin' lovely! It's good to hear from you.


  5. im so glad your a blogger, but it seriously makes me miss you soooo much. Come visit us soon.


  6. Hey Cindy!
    It's Rachael. I just did a bit on my blogspot as well. Go check it out at

  7. Love your list! Love even more that I rank in you top 100! LOL!!!

  8. You like watching my dad parent your children "so well"??? oh, like when he told regan to just hit maddie back... or the multiple times he told regan to just hit maddie back?? haha i love my dad.


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