Aug 26, 2007

The Wedding

July 6, 2007 was the beginning of a new era! We are now bigger and better than the Brady Bunch!
The wedding was done in true cowboy fashion! It was a casual, happy affair performed in Tom's best friends' home in Goodyear, AZ. We invited only our children and three of our best friends (and their spouses). Add to that a photographer, two daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren to turn it into a much bigger to-do that we had bargained for.
Greatest quote from the wedding evening:
(as Tom and I are preparing to leave)
Regan: Mom, where are you guys going?
Mom: On our honeymoon.
Regan: But it's night.
Mom: That's a pretty good time to go on a honeymoon.
Regan: It's almost dark. Maybe you guys should just go to a movie!

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